Trondheim, Norway
Norway's Trondheim is considered the gateway to the north and the cradle of national patriotism. Classic wooden townhouses of the 19th century and terraced flats provide for one of the most distinctive towns in Scandinavia. A long-established center of Christian pilgrimage, Trondheim is an urban center of cultural activities filled with historical sights, museums and art galleries.
Trondheim, Open-Air Folk Museum & Nidaros Cathedral
Adult: $54
Child: $39 (12 & Under)           Approximately 3 hours

This tour will introduce you to Trondheim, Norway’s third-largest city with 150,000 inhabitants. Trondheim got its present look of broad streets and attractive wooden buildings after a destructive fire in 1681 led to major reconstruction.

Nidaros Cathedral - A visit will be made to Nidaros Cathedral, begun in 1070 and finished in the 12th century. The finest and largest Gothic-style cathedral in Scandinavia, the cathedral known as Nidarosdomen - became one of Europe’s most important pilgrimage churches. The cathedral is built on the grave of St. Olav, who introduced Christianity to Norway. Believers came here to drink from the well that sprang up next to their Patron Saint’s grave. Norwegian kings were once crowned here.

Open-Air Folk Museum - Walk with your guide through the open-air folk museum of Sverresborg to get a glimpse of the lifestyle of people in medieval times. This outstanding collection of buildings and implements were brought to this site from surrounding districts and re-assembled to provide an authentic cross-section of life and architecture.

Sverresli Viewpoint - At Sverresli, you will stop at the observation point for an excellent view of the fjord and the city.

From the pier, drive through the busy center, past market square and many fine buildings. Cross the old Elgeseter Bridge and drive past many old warehouses along the river. At the conclusion of your tour (morning departure only), you will have the option of remaining in town to browse independently; however, you would then be responsible for your own transportation back to the ship.

Photography is not permitted in Nidaros Cathedral.

The Nidaros Cathedral will be visited from the outside only; the cathedral will be closed due to Royal celebrations.
Ringve Museum, Music Recital & City Drive
Adult: $69
Child: $52 (12 & Under)          Approximately 3 hours   

Visit the delightful Ringve Museum of Musical Instruments and take a leisurely drive through the city of Trondheim.

Ringve Museum - This delightful museum is situated on a hill overlooking the fjord, surrounded by an attractive park filled with beautiful trees and plants that thrive in Norway’s natural climate. A priceless collection of some 2,000 musical instruments from around the world is displayed in this former stable building and old manor house, decorated with lovely period furniture. Great pride is taken in keeping these instruments tuned and in use. To demonstrate their exquisite tonal qualities, your talented guide will perform short musical selections on various instruments.

At the Ringve Museum, be treated to a sparkling wine reception and a short music recital performed by musicians in colorful national costumes.

Nidaros Cathedral - One of the largest buildings found in Scandinavia, Nidaros Cathedral was originally built over the grave of King Olav, the patron saint who introduced Christianity in the 11th century.

Trondheim is known for its broad streets and attractive wooden buildings. Mainly rebuilt after a disastrous fire in 1681, you will see some of these buildings on your way to the Ringve Museum. After a brief photo stop at the Nidaros Cathedral, you will pass the picturesque drawbridge spanning the river Nid, as well as the many colorful warehouses lining it on your way back to the pier.
Trolley & Granasen Ski-Jumping Arena
Adult: $59
Child: $45 (12 & Under)               Approximately 2 1/2 hours

Started in 1924, the Grakall Line Trolley has been a familiar part of everyday life in Trondheim for years. Take a ride on this popular line, and then watch daring ski jumpers at the Granasen Arena.

Grakall Line Trolley - You will board the Grakall Line Trolley in the city center. From here, the trolley runs to Lian in Bymarka, the popular summer and winter recreation area. Streetcar traffic was discontinued for two years in the late 1980s, but the townspeople living close to the Grakall Line fought for its existence and won. Your trolley ride passes through an area with picturesque old wooden houses in vivid colors, most of which have been built after the last destructive fire that struck in 1842. You will also pass the old fortifications dating back to the 16th century, before climbing Byasen Hill for splendid views of the calm River Nid, the Cathedral, fjord and neighboring fertile valleys. While your half-hour ride is non-narrated, the views will give you a wonderful insight into the lives of the Trondheim residents.

Granasen Ski-jumping Arena - Opened in 1991, Granasen is used year round, even when there is no snow, because the jumps are equipped with porcelain tracks and artificial grass. From the bleachers, you will be able to view several high-school children demonstrating their ski- jump techniques.

You will travel from the pier by motorcoach to the center of Trondheim to board the trolley. Then you will continue through new parts of the city, passing residential areas as you make your way to the Ski-jumping Arena.

The view of ski jumpers at Granasen Arena cannot be guaranteed.
Trondheim, Thamshavn Railway & Lokken Mine
Adult: $164
Child: $129 (12 & Under)         Approximately 6 1/2 to 7 hours

This best of Trondheim and the surrounding areas includes a photo stop at the imposing Nidaros Cathedral, and then travel outside of Trondheim to take a short ride on a turn-of-the-century railway line and inspect Norway’s old Lokken Mine.

Thamshavn Railway - Take a 35-minute ride on the narrow-gauge Thamshavn Railway which now operates as a museum-railway, often called the Veteran Railway. Boarding at the Fannrem Station, located approximately an hour outside of the city, you will travel in wooden-benched train cars dating back to the turn of the century. Originally, the railroad line was constructed to transport ore from the Lokken copper mines, but always included passenger traffic. During World War II, several sabotage attempts were carried out against the line, destroying locomotives, and today memorials along the tracks commemorate these events.

Lokken Mine - A short bus ride takes you from the railway station to the old Lokken Mine. Here you will be equipped with a hard-hat and plastic jacket for your approximately half-mile walk through the mine using gravel paths, steps and wooden walkways. The mine was in operation from 1654 to 1987, but today the quiet caverns, rocky surfaces dripping with moisture, and faint sulphur odor belies its past. Take in the color spectrum within the rock formations and delight in the acoustical atmosphere as you experience a short musical demonstration during your tour deep within the caves.

Nidaros Cathedral - A photo stop will be made to Nidaros Cathedral which was begun in 1070 and finished in the 12th century. The finest and largest Gothic-style cathedral in Scandinavia, the Cathedral, known as Nidarosdomen, became one of Europe’s most important pilgrimage churches. The cathedral is built on the grave of St. Olav, who introduced Christianity to Norway. Believers came here to drink from the well that sprang up next to their Patron Saint’s grave. Norwegian kings were once crowned here.

Select your lunch from a buffet with beverages at the traditional Baardshaug Mansion.

You will drive from the pier in Trondheim in a southerly direction through the city’s suburbs, along the shores of the fjord and into the countryside. Pass Gaulosen, a branch of the main fjord, then Orkdalsfjord, which you will follow to the village of Orkanger at the estuary of the River Orkla, known for its excellent salmon fishing, and continue on to Fannrem to board the train to Lokken Mine. You will return via the valley to Svorkmo, and then easterly past Svok Lake through Melhus with its fertile land and farms before joining the highway back to Trondheim.

The drive from Trondheim to Fannrem is approximately one hour, and the return from Lokken is approximately 75 minutes.

Services commonly take place in Nidaros Cathedral. An exterior visit will be made during these times.
Trondheim & Bakklandet Walking Tour
Adult: $49
Child: $49 (12 & Under)         Approximately 3 hours

Combine a scenic drive of Trondheim - a city with links to royalty, with a walking tour of Bakklandet where most of the houses are small, and were built from wood by sailors and fishermen.

Trondheim was founded in 997 A.D. and was the first capital of Norway. Presently, it is the 3rd-largest city in Norway, but it is still where the new kings and queens receive their ceremonial blessing. The city center, a blend of old and new, is situated by the Trondheimsfjord, around the mouth of the River Nidelva.

Leave the motorcoach at Kristiansten Fortress, taking in city views, before continuing on foot downhill through Bakklandet. This charming district, close to the city center, has been recognized by the contemporary set, who have restored the buildings, created homes, and brought with them small cafés and shops. Among the curiosities in the area is a special bicycle lift, called Tramp, which ascends Brubakken Hill. Cross the wooden Old City Bridge with views along the Nidelva River, to reach Nidaros Cathedral. The Cathedral is built on the gravesite of Norway’s patron saint, and is therefore the original St. Olav’s Church – an important destination for pilgrims. After a little free time, you will rejoin your motorcoach for the return trip to the ship.

Entrance fees to the cathedral is not included, but passengers may enter at their own expense.

Wear comfortable, low-heeled walking shoes.

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